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Windchill RV&S CLI Reference
PTC® provides a command line interface (CLI) to manage the following tasks: workflows and documents, configuration management, Test, and server administration.
The terms item and issue refer to the same Windchill RV&S object and are indistinguishable. Issue is a term embedded in legacy command and option names; therefore, item and issue are used interchangeably in the CLI documentation. Use the term that is documented for each command.
Each command allows a limited set of options. Single letter options must always be preceded by a single dash ( - ), while longer option strings must be preceded by a double dash ( -- ). The long strings are not case sensitive, but are shown in mixed case to facilitate readability.
To view a list of options available to a particular command, simply append -? or --usage to the command.
In options, square brackets indicate optional strings, for example, the no is an optional prefix in --[no]batch. The two ways to use this option would be --nobatch or --batch.
For more information on using Authorization Administration and ACLs, refer to the Windchill RV&S Help Center.