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si unrestrictproject
removes restriction preventing changes being made to a project hierarchy
si unrestrictproject [--project=value] [--user=name] [--password=password] [--hostname=server] [--port=number ] [--[no|confirm]updateOnRestrictedByConflict] [--selectionFile=value] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--status=[none|gui|gui.actions|default]] [--forceConfirm=[yes|no]] [--gui] [--sandbox=value] [--cwd=value] [--selectionFile=value] [--[no]batch] [--quiet] [--usage] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--user] [--usage] [--yes] [--[no]failOnAmbiguousProject] [-F=file]
si unrestrictproject removes the restriction that prevents changes from being made to a project hierarchy. When the release is being finalized, the mainline or a branch of a project can be restricted or unrestricted recursively by the user with restrict project permissions.
The user with restrict project permissions can unrestrict a project or branch and reset the permissions to what they were prior to being restricted, which means all the users can perform changes to the project according to their normal permissions.
This command takes the universal options available to all si commands, as well as some general options. See the options reference page for descriptions.
--[no|confirm]updateOnRestrictedByConflict specifies if to update project restriction even if project is already restricted by another user.
See the diagnostics reference page for possible exit status values.
Using si setprefs or si viewprefs, you are able to set or view the preference keys for this command.
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