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si rename
renames an existing project member
si rename [(--cpid=ID|--changePackageId=ID)] [--[no|confirm]closeCP] [--[no]confirm] [--[no]defer] [-f] [--issueId=ID] [(--newName=value)] [--[no|confirm]overwrite] [--[no]renameWorkingFile] [--[no|confirm]branchVariant] [--filter=filteroptions] [(-P project|--project=project)] [(-S sandbox|--sandbox=sandbox)] [--[no]failOnAmbiguousProject] [--devpath=path] [--projectRevision=rev] [--hostname=server] [--port=number] [--password=password] [--user=name] [(-?|--usage)] [(-F file|--selectionFile=file)] [(-N|--no)] [(-Y|--yes)] [--[no]batch] [--cwd=directory] [--forceConfirm=[yes|no]] [(-g|--gui)] [--quiet] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--status=[none|gui|default]] member...
si rename renames an existing project member. For example,
si rename --newName=si_addmember.xml c:/Documentation/Man_Pages/xml_man/si_add.xml
This command only changes the basename of the member and cannot be used to move the member into a different directory or project. To move members, use the si move command.
Before using si rename, note the following:
You can only rename members within a directory. You cannot rename a member and move it to a different directory or project.
Renaming a locked revision in a variant project moves the lock to the duplicate revision, even if the lock exists in the master project.
This command takes the universal options available to all si commands, as well as some general options. See the options reference page for descriptions.
controls whether to close the associated change package.
--nocloseCP means do not close the change package.
--confirmcloseCP means ask before closing the change package.
--closeCP always closes the change package.
controls whether to confirm the rename before proceeding.
controls whether to delay the rename operation in the project until the deferred operation is submitted. The rename operation in the Sandbox still takes place immediately. This option is valid only if you are performing the command from a Sandbox.
force the rename without confirmation.
specifies the new name of the renamed member.
controls whether to overwrite the target (new name) working file if it exists. Specifying --overwrite means always do it, --nooverwrite means never do it, and --confirmoverwrite means always ask before doing it. This option is valid only if you are performing the command from a Sandbox.
controls whether to rename the working file in the Sandbox immediately.
controls whether Windchill RV&S creates a branch for the renamed member.
identifies a specific member. You can only specify one member at a time.
See the diagnostics reference page for possible exit status values.
Using si setprefs or si viewprefs, you are able to set or view the preference keys for this command.
See Also
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