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si mods
lists changes made to a project since a checkpoint
si mods [--fields=field1[:width1],field2[:width2]...] [(-r rev)] [--[no]showAppliedCPList] [--[no]showAttrChanges] [--[no]showChangePackages] [--[no]failOnAmbiguousProject] [--[no]showMemberChanges] [--[no]showRevDescription] [--devpath=value] [--projectRevision=value] [(-R|--[no|confirm]recurse)] [(-P project|--project=project)] [(-S sandbox|--sandbox=sandbox)] [--hostname=server] [--port=number] [--password=password] [--user=name] [--height=value] [--width=value] [-x=value] [-y=value] [(-?|--usage)] [(-F file|--selectionFile=file)] [(-N|--no)] [(-Y|--yes)] [--[no]batch] [--cwd=directory] [--forceConfirm=[yes|no]] [(-g|--gui)] [--quiet] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--status=[none|gui|default]]
si mods displays modifications to a project between checkpoints or between a checkpoint and the working project.
This command takes the universal options available to all si commands, as well as some general options. See the options reference page for descriptions.
allows you to select fields to be printed, specified in the format field1[:width1],field2[:width2].... Specifying the column [:width] (in pixels) for each field is optional - widths are only available with the -g or --gui options. Under the CLI the fields are separated with a space.
The fields available can be one or more of the following:
displays details of changes made to project members or subprojects.
displays the member or subproject name.
-r rev
specifies one or more project checkpoints to compare. rev can be a valid checkpoint number or label. To compare two specified revisions of the project, use the -r option twice. If you only use the -r option once, the working project (or last checkpoint on a build project's branch) is compared to the specified project checkpoint. If you do not use this option at all, the working project (or build project checkpoint) is compared to the last checkpoint (or last checkpoint on the build project's branch).
The -r option when used with this command can also take the "asof:" identifier with a date, to return the project configuration as of a specific date. For example, -r asof:"April 28, 2014 3:33:45 AM GMT-05:00".
It is possible to specify the branch with the identifier, for example -r asof:"April 28, 2014 3:33:45 AM GMT-05:00"@1.3.1
It is possible to specify the development path with the identifer using the form asof:date:@:devpath, for example -r asof:"April 28, 2014 3:33:45 AM GMT-05:00"@:Release2
The following are additional forms may be displayed for configuration paths, and are represented here for information purposes:
controls whether to show change packages applied to a project through si applycp or si resynccp.
For more information on applying change packages, see si applycp.
controls whether to show the member attribute changes.
controls whether to show member changes.
controls whether to show revision descriptions of new revisions that have been added. To provide context to the list of revisions, the initial member revision for the specified checkpoint is also included. For example, if a project member changed from 1.10 to 1.12, this option displays the descriptions for revisions 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12, even though 1.10 is not new since the last checkpoint.
controls whether to show the change packages that correspond to member and subproject operations. Change package information displayed is drawn from the modifications calculated from the checkpoint comparison.
The By Change Package panel displays the following information:
ID displays the change package ID for change packages that contain entries with member or subproject changes between project checkpoints.
Summary displays the change package summary for change packages that contain entries with member or subproject changes between project checkpoints.
Modifications that are not associated with a change package (unresolved) are displayed in the bottom frame of the By Change Package panel. Where possible, the member or project name is displayed with full path information. The following are reasons why modifications can appear in the bottom frame:
The change package entry is missing; either because one was not recorded for the member or subproject operation, or the entry was discarded.
The operation that made the modification cannot use a change package, for example, freezing or thawing a member.
The project state captures compared are from different development paths.
Pending change package entries do not appear in the By Change Package panel (GUI).
controls whether to recurse into subprojects that are determined to be in common between the two projects.
See the diagnostics reference page for possible exit status values.
Using si setprefs or si viewprefs, you are able to set or view the preference keys for this command.
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