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Group Creation Example
The XYZ company has created the Process Control group to reflect a new responsibility within its organization. The Process Control group has been added to the authentication realm and can therefore be imported into Windchill RV&S. The super administrator for Windchill RV&S opens the Windchill RV&S administration client and for the Workflows and Documents > Groups node, selects Groups > Import. From the Realm Group Selection list, the super administrator then selects Process Control, and clicks OK to complete the import into Windchill RV&S. The Process Control group can now be added into existing workflows or have a new workflow created to reflect their responsibilities.
Key considerations when creating and managing groups:
Windchill RV&S automatically imports the everyone group from your authentication realm.
To avoid authentication errors, group names must be different from all user names.
You should not use commas in user or group names. If you use commas in the group name, you cannot select the group in a multi-valued group field.