Server Configuration > User and Group Permissions > Groups
A group consists of one or more users who need to work with Windchill RV&Ss. The groups used by Windchill RV&S are defined in your authentication realm and imported using the Groups dialog box. To avoid authentication errors, group names must be different from all user names.
You can set up groups to be recognized in Windchill RV&S. Many companies have groups comprising numerous team members, or users. Windchill RV&S follows this business model by allowing you to set up groups to put the users in. For example, you can create a group called Team Leaders that only team managers belong to, or you can create a group called
Code Reviewers that engineers, quality assurance specialists, and team leaders belong to.
The groups may be defined in your authentication realm, another realm, or mixed realms and still be used in Windchill RV&S. Members of the groups are defined within your realm, but not here. For more information on setting up groups in your realm, see the “Security Schemes”.
Windchill RV&S automatically imports the everyone group from the realm.
Once you have imported or created your database of Windchill RV&S groups, you can choose to deactivate any group that no longer actively uses Windchill RV&S. When large numbers of groups are involved, deactivating groups can help to maintain server performance by reducing the number of searches Windchill RV&S has to perform. Windchill RV&S does not search the realm for groups identified as inactive or display inactive groups for selection in pick lists. For more information on how to deactivate a group, see “Deactivating Groups”.
If a group is no longer required on your system, you can also choose to delete that group from Windchill RV&S. For more information on deleting a group, see “Deleting Groups”.
Group Creation Example