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Dynamic Groups Creation Example
In a common scenario, a Windchill RV&S database could contain items for the Website project and the SourceCode project, but there are three groups that work on these projects (Web Development, Software Development, and Quality Assurance). By configuring dynamic groups, only the Web Development team can work with items for the Website project, while the Software Development group and Quality Assurance group have access only to items related to the SourceCode project.
Any conflict between the permissions granted through dynamic groups is resolved in the same way as for permissions assigned in the ACLs—that is, any time a permission is explicitly specified for a user, that permission takes precedence over his or her inclusion in a group. Individual permissions always override permissions of the group(s) the individual belongs to. For more information on how permissions are resolved, see “User and Group Permissions: Access Control Lists”.
When the newly created dynamic project is a root project, the option for Inherit permissions from parent project is unavailable. If the new dynamic project is a child project and you want the parent project permissions to apply, you can then select the option for Inherit permissions from parent project. To inherit permissions, select this option.