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Dynamic Groups
Windchill RV&S allows you to create a workflow that meets the requirements of your work environment. Generally, the permissions that control state transitions are based on static groups. The structure of your workflow defines the possible transitions, while the assigned permissions determine which users are allowed to move an item from state to state. As part of a customized workflow, dynamic groups allow you to more precisely control which users can work with an item according to the project the item is associated with.
A dynamic group enforces a unique set of permissions for a specific project for workflows and documents allowing the membership of the group to change based on the value of the project identifier. The permissions you assign through dynamic groups control allowable state transitions, field relevance, and field editability in Windchill RV&S. A dynamic group user can be assigned visibility permissions for a project only if the user belongs to a static group. For more information on permissions, see Setting Workflow and Document Project Visibility.
You can also further refine the membership of any dynamic group by selecting only certain individual users. Once you create a dynamic group, that group displays in the list of available groups when configuring field relevance, field editability, and state transitions.
Controlling permissions through dynamic groups is not the same as controlling access via the authorization administration (aa) system. If you need to restrict access to Windchill RV&S or specific functionality in Windchill RV&S, this is best accomplished through the Access Control List (or ACLs). For more information on ACLs, see User and Group Permissions: Access Control Lists .
Dynamic Groups Creation Example