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Key Terms and Concepts in Documents
This section discusses document model terms and concepts at a high level. It gives you the basis for understanding these concepts so you can create a document type using the Windchill RV&S administration client.
Windchill RV&S Term
Architectural Term
Document (root)
Segment (root)
Container for Nodes that reference Shared Items or other documents.
Represented by the top-level Node in the Outline panel of the Document view.
are documents or subdocuments that contain content.
can include or reference other Segments.
are Segments that are contained within another document.
are included or inserted into a document which creates a References/Referenced By relationship between Nodes/Segment respectively.
can be nested within Segments or other subsegments.
Node + Shared Item
is the term used in Windchill RV&S for a Node/Shared Item pair; the Node references the Shared Item.
can be meaningful, for example, a business requirement, a functional test case. It can also be non-meaningful; for example, a Heading or a Comment. The criteria is defined by your system administrator on the Shared Category field.
are the items of content visible in the Document view.
surface all of the shared content via FVA fields to the Shared Items as well as contain the content-specific metadata.
Shared Items:
are referenced by Nodes.
contain all of the fields that make up the shared content.
cannot be edited directly.
Edits are made on the Node via the Editable FVA fields and changes are actually made and recorded on the Shared Item.
track modifications to content and reflect them in the Node.
Users should not need to interact with Shared Items.
Virtual field in the Document view.
Dynamically defined grouped hierarchy of Nodes in a document, for example: section 1.4 and its children, 1.4.1, 1.4.2 or section 3.4.2 and its children,
Reference mode
Setting on a Node that controls how the system behaves when content is reused and modified. Options are: Author, Reuse, Share, and Version.
Pick field exposed on a Node or Segment type which allows for the categorization of content items, for example: Heading, Comment, Business Requirement, and Functional Test Case.
Available options are defined by the administrator using constraints on the type.
Group document
A read-only document used for grouping or reordering content.
You can create or edit non-meaningful content in a group document. The definition of non-meaningful content is in “Meaningful and Non-Meaningful Content”.