Server Administration > Item Type Attributes > Copying Constraints > To copy a constraint in the GUI
To copy a constraint in the GUI
1. Right click the type with the constraint you want to copy and select Edit Type from the shortcut menu. The edit Type view opens.
2. From the left tree pane, select the Constraints node. A list of available constraints is displayed.
3. Select the constraint you want to copy and click Copy. The Copy Constraint dialog box displays the current constraint settings.
4. In the Description field, enter a new description for the constraint.
5. Edit the constraint settings as required. For more information on the available settings, see “Creating Constraints”.
6. When your changes are complete, click OK. The new constraint settings are displayed.
7. To save the constraint, click OK on the edit Type dialog box.
Changes to a constraint do not take effect until the associated type has been saved (that is, until you click OK in the edit Type view). If you cancel your edits to the type, your constraint changes are also canceled.