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To assign a Windchill RV&S type administrator
im edittype
1. From the Types view, select the type you want to create a type administrator for, then select Type > Edit. The Edit Type window displays.
Only the super administrator is automatically allowed to assign a type administrator in Windchill RV&S. Type administrators can assign another type administrator only if they are first granted the CreateType permission.
Through the Create Type window, the super administrator can also assign a type administrator while creating a new type.
2. Click the Administrators node.
To assign a specified user or group as a type administrator, see “Filtering Data”. You can assign more than one user or group as a type administrator.
3. Click OK to accept the changes. The selected user or group is assigned as a type administrator. Users and groups displayed in the Assigned column are then allowed to manage the selected type in Windchill RV&S.