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Trigger Syntax
To configure a client-side event trigger, properties are added to the Configuration Management policies in the Windchill RV&S administration client using the following syntax:
si.<event name>.pre=<trigger name list>
si.<event name>.post=<trigger name list>
si.trigger.<trigger name>.command=<command>
si.trigger.<trigger name>.group=<group list>
si.trigger.<trigger name>.match=<glob pattern>
List elements can be delimited by spaces, commas, or semicolons.
The following is an example of the required properties for a pre- and post-trigger that works when a branch is merged:
si.trigger.merge_pre.command=sh -w -c 'echo After merging
the branch, please update the MergedBranches.txt file
with the date and reason for the merge.'
si.trigger.merge_post.command=sh -w
-c 'vi c:/MergedBranches.txt'
You can create triggers that apply only for members of a specific group. If the user running the command is not a member of one of the specified groups, the trigger cannot execute when the user runs the command. The specified group must be a valid group on your server system using the server realm. To specify groups, append the following property to the trigger properties:
si.trigger.<trigger name>.group=<group list>
for example:
You can also create triggers for certain classes of files using matching. A list of one or more file name matching patterns can be set. If the member under consideration matches the pattern, the trigger runs. To specify glob patterns, append the following property to the trigger properties:
si.trigger.<trigger name>.match=<glob pattern>
for example: