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Overview of Configuration Management Client-Side Triggers
As an administrator, you can configure event triggers that run on the Windchill RV&S client rather than on the Windchill RV&S server. Client-side triggers are run only for members and for project level commands that operate on members. Client-side triggers do not run on commands that operate on directories, configuration management projects, Sandboxes, or change packages.
Client-side triggers run on the Windchill RV&S client and in the client’s environment; therefore, they are subject to the client’s control. For example, a user could adjust the PATH environment variable on the client such that when an external command runs it is not found. For consistent and secure results, PTC recommends you use server-side triggers.
Some of the uses for client-side triggers include:
Display Sandbox information before adding a label
Post a reminder to add a revision description when checking in a member
Launch a text editor when a member is checked out
Post a reminder to notify team members of significant changes are checked in
Confirm that each .JAVA file has a corresponding .CLASS file in a user’s Sandbox
Client-side triggers run only on member commands, therefore only project commands that operate on members can be used
Pre and Post Processing in Client Sandbox
Trigger Syntax
Target Commands
To add client-side trigger information to the Windchill RV&S server
Environment Variables