Server Configuration > Global Development Using a Proxy > Priming the Proxy > To prime the proxy
To prime the proxy
1. Complete the configuration of the proxy.
2. On the proxy server, run the si primeproject command as follows against the required projects on the host Windchill RV&S server:
si primeproject -P value|--project=value
-S value|--sandbox=value
--devpath=value --projectRevision=value
-Pvalue or --project=value is the name of the normal project on the host server.
-S or --sandbox=value is the name of the target Sandbox on the proxy.
--devpath=value is the name of the variant project on the host server.
--projectrevision=value is the revision number of the build project on the host server.
The si primeproject command is available only through the command line interface. For more information, see the CLI man pages.
The proxy is primed with the current metadata and bulk data for the specified projects.
3. Once the proxy is primed, you can advise users about the required proxy settings. For more information on user tasks, see “Directing Users”.