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Directing Users
Once you have configured FSA at the administrative level, users must also configure their Windchill RV&S clients to use proxies. While detailed instructions are included in the User documentation, users require specific information including server host names, port numbers, and connection types. Proxy information can be specified when installing the Windchill RV&S client, or after installation in the client preferences.
Proxy information in the client preferences override any proxy information specified during the client installation. If you remove proxy information in the client preferences, the client uses the proxy information specified during the client installation. To remove the client installation settings, delete them from the IntegrityClientSite.rc file.
For operations requiring contact with the Windchill RV&S server , the proxy settings configured by users are used by the configuration management and Authorization Administration CLI.
For users to accurately complete the proxy configuration for configuration management, they must be notified of the proxy details required to establish their connections. Users require the following information:
list of proxied target servers
host name and port number of the local server or proxy