Server Configuration > Server Policies for SCM > Line Terminator Policy > To set the policy for line terminators
To set the policy for line terminators
1. Start the Windchill RV&S administration client and open the Configuration Management > Policies section.
2. Highlight Global Policies, and select Policies > Edit. The policy editor displays.
3. To display policy options for line terminators, click the Line Terminators tab.
To lock the line terminator policy, click the lock box beside that policy. Locking a policy at the global level prevents any other project policy or client preference from overriding that policy. A lock symbol displays for all policies that are locked. Policies that are explicitly set display in a bold font.
4. The following options are available:
Preserve Line Terminators in Text Archives If Consistent specifies that the line terminator format of the file is set each time a revision is committed to the repository, and that line terminator format is preserved when other users obtain working files derived from that revision. If the line terminator format is changed in the new revision, all other users receive the new line terminator format for the working files derived from that revision.
When this policy option is enabled, the line terminators must be consistent if the file is to be committed to the repository. If the line terminators are inconsistent, when this policy option is specified, users performing a Member > Check In or Member > Add operation on a file will be prompted to either normalize the line terminators in the working file to native for the system, or convert the member archive to binary.
Enabling this option has consequences based the choices your users make. If users specify to normalize line terminators when prompted, the working file line terminators are made consistent and the operation is changed to a deferred operation so the user can verify the working file for correctness prior to committing it to the repository. If users specify to convert the archive to binary format, the ChangeArchiveType permission is required for the operation to succeed. Changing the archive type is permanent; binary archives cannot be changed back to text, and consequently users will not be able to make use of annotated revision functionality.
To configure a policy for line terminators, type in the following information:
Name: the defining name, assigned by you, for the line terminator specification. For example, if you wanted the policy to apply to all resource (.rc) files, you could name the policy “resource”.
Match: the member file matching criteria. For example, *.rc would find all Windows resource files (.rc files) and then use the specified line terminator for those files.
Line Terminator: the available line terminator options. These are:
native, the automatic or default setting that configures Windchill RV&S to use the line terminator specified by the system
crlf, the carriage return line and line feed terminator
lf, or line feed, the terminator used primarily for Linux applications
For example, the following shows a setting that forces all Windows resources files (.rc files) to use the Windows-style line terminator (CRLF) and locks this policy on the server (lock symbol displays).
To add the new line terminator policy, click Add. The policy is added and displayed in the text area.
To remove a line terminator policy, highlight the policy line and click Remove. To edit an existing line terminator, highlight the name in the list and click Edit.
5. Move to the next policy tab to configure other policy options, or accept the changes and exit by clicking OK.