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Line Terminator Policy
The policy option for line terminators allows you to set, on a site-wide basis, the line terminator that Windchill RV&S uses when operating on Sandbox members. Line terminator policy statements are used by Windchill RV&S to enforce a desired line terminator based on a filename pattern rather than a fixed specification.
If the working filename for a member in a Sandbox can be matched to a pattern, then this policy overrides the Sandbox preferences for the line terminator. Using a filename pattern allows you to support Sandboxes that contain both Windows and Linux-styled line terminators.
This policy can also be locked on the server to override any individual preferences that are set on clients.
In cases where there is no match definition given, the named configuration is ignored. If the line terminator value is not spelled correctly, the system reverts to native.
Values defined for line terminators cannot contain spaces.
In cases where there are multiple and overlapping patterns, the first pattern that matches is used. If there are multiple patterns specified that could match with a particular working file, then the results are indeterminate.
Changes to the line terminator policy are only applied when the Windchill RV&S client is restarted.
The syntax is:
name is the defining name, assigned by you, for the line terminator specification. For example, if you wanted the policy to apply for all Windows resources files (.RC), you could apply the name “resources” for the policy.
the available line terminator options are:
native is the automatic or default setting that configures Windchill RV&S to use the line terminator specified by the client’s operating system.
cr is the Mac OS carriage return line terminator.
crlf is the Windows-style carriage return line terminator
lf or line feed, is the terminator used primarily for Linux applications
pattern is the glob pattern for member file matching criteria. For example, to force all Windows resource files (.rc files) to use the Windows-style line terminator (CRLF), you could specify the following:
All Sandboxes and newly created working files are affected by changes to this policy. Pattern matching is based on common glob patterns.
By default, si.lineterminators=native allowing the system to determine the line terminator.
To set the policy for line terminators
Setting Member Attribute for Line Terminators
To set a member attribute for line terminators using the GUI