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Promotion to Testing State
The second requirement of the Explorer Group’s promotion policy is that only the development team leader should be able to promote objects from the Development state to the Testing state. To accomplish this, the site administrator ensures the Promote and PromoteProject permissions are enabled in the ACL definition for the Team Leader principal.
For more information on the role of principals and ACLs in working with permissions, see “User and Group Permissions: Access Control Lists”.
Next, the administrator uses the AllowedStates policy option to specify the state to which the development team leader may promote revisions. For the Explorer team, this is the Testing state.
Because the Developer role in the example does not include permission to promote objects, the development team leader (actually, anyone who is assigned the Team Leader role) is now the only person who can promote objects from the Development phase to the Testing phase of the development cycle. This takes care of the second requirement in the promotion policy.
The remaining requirements are then implemented:
The administrator ensures that the Tester principal does not have the Lock and CheckIn ACL permissions. This satisfies the third requirement, that testers cannot make changes to development objects.
The administrator specifies only the Development state in the LockStates policy option for all user roles, thereby ensuring no one changes objects while they are in the Testing state.
Finally, the administrator gives the Quality Assurance Manager role the ability to promote to the Release state.
By making these changes and adjusting a few principal definitions in the ACLs, the Explorer project can institute a comprehensive promotion policy that supports the development cycle at the site.