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Defining Promotion States
With configuration management, you enable promotion by defining promotion states to correspond to the stages of your development cycle. In the example, there were five identified states, three of them requiring controlled promotion:
If you add a state with an invalid character, an Illegal State Specification error occurs. States can only include characters specified to be a letter by Unicode 2.0 standard. States must begin with a letter or an underscore symbol.
If the Explorer project included files other than source code that also must pass through the Requirements and Design phases, the administrator would then need to define promotion states for those phases.
If promotion states are defined, Windchill RV&S applies the promotion policy to the whole site. To restrict the policy to certain projects, you must define the promotion states in specific project sections of the file.
“Creating Promotion Policy” shows you how to define promotion states and add promotion authority to a role. The states and roles displayed refer to the given example, but the procedures are generic and you can apply them to promotion states and roles at your site.
Creating Promotion Policy
Promotion to Testing State