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Creating Policies
In addition to working with global policies, the Windchill RV&S administration client allows you to create project policies sections that apply only to selected projects at your site. A project policy section helps you to customize the behavior of configuration management to suit the requirements of specific projects.
A created project policy section has all the same configuration options contained in the global policies section, but the options are applied only to the project you identify. In this way, you can set different requirements for a single project or for many different projects. For example, on site-wide (or global basis), you could set an option that permits users to hold only one lock in an archive; whereas for a test build project, you could set the option that permits a user to hold multiple locks in any given archive.
The same rules that apply for enabling and locking policies while editing, also apply when creating a new policy section. For more information, see “Enabling and Locking Configuration Management Policies”.
You can always choose to delete a created project policy section.
To create configuration management policies