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Audit Log Column Descriptions
ID number of individual audit log detail.
Parent ID
ID of audit detail that spawned specified operation (that is, all operations that have been spawned by audit detail with specified ID number).
Timestamp information for target operation.
Login ID of user who performed operation.
Operation, or command, being audited. Can also include operation that spawned the audit or suboperation.
Status of operation being audited. Available states are Completed or Failed.
Root component of Windchill RV&S for target operation, for example, workflows and documents (im), configuration management (si), or Windchill RV&S server (is).
For configuration management only. Context of operation. Applies only where target of operation is member and project must be given to uniquely identify that member.
Context Type
For configuration management only. Type of context for operation. Applies only where operation is in context of project (si.project, si.buildProject, or si.variantProject).
Object specified operation acts on.
Target Type
Type of object specified operation is acting on, for example, si.member, im.state, and im.issue.
Type of operation result to filter for. Potential result types include:
exception—in format <exception class>, or example, on failure,
im.issue—in format <issue ID>, for example, item number 3274.
si.revision—in format <revision ID>, for example, revision number 1.10 for checked-in revision of Windchill RV&S source code project member.
Result Type
Type of result identified in audited operation, including exception, im.issue, or si.revision.
Parameters defined in audited operation.
This column will display changes associated with the property or policy that was modified in the Windchill RV&S administration client. The property or policy name is listed in the target column.
Policy changes made simultaneously and belonging to the same policy section have the same Parent ID. The audit log entry with an ID corresponding to the Parent ID refers to the policy section that was modified.
String containing details of audited operation.