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Viewing Audit Log
Once auditing is enabled on the Windchill RV&S server, you can use the Windchill RV&S administration client to view the available audit records according to filters set by you. To access the audit log, you can right click either the Workflows and Documents node or the Configuration Management node, and select View Audit Log from the shortcut menu. You can then select from the available filters to find the required audit records.
Once you have run the audit log report, you can select View > Filter to modify the filters and regenerate the report, or select View > Refresh to refresh the report using the existing filters. You can also use the Print function to print the audit log records.
You can view the audit log through the CLI. For more information on the im viewauditlog and si viewauditlog commands, see the CLI man pages.
To view the audit log using the Windchill RV&S administration client
Audit Log Filter Options
Audit Log Column Descriptions