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Replacing the Home Page
For more advanced customization, such as displaying your company logo or removing administration links, you can replace the Windchill RV&S server home page that is loaded by default. Because the Windchill RV&S server home page is generated using JSP, you must modify the web.xml file that is used to launch the home page. Once you select the new page to load, you can further customize this page according to your specific needs.
Before changing the web.xml file, you should save the existing source for index.html.
To save this source, browse to http://servername:port/index.html, select View > Source, then save the generated text file as HTML. This saved file provides a starting point for the new index.html file.
1. In a text editor or XML editor, open the following file:
The webui.war file is a zip file, and can be extracted using a program such as WinZip.
Ensure that there is no web.xml file existing outside of the webui.war file in that directory. Also ensure that you back up the web.xml file because your changes may be overwritten with the new webui.war upon installation of future service packs, and you may need to manually re-enter them again.
2. Search for the following code:
This code tells the Windchill RV&S server to redirect the index.html page to the generated home page.
3. Change the page that is redirected to the home page, or comment out the above lines. For example, if you set the home page to admin.html, then you can customize the new home page (that is, the page displayed when users browse to http://servername:port/). At the same time, you could still allow users to access the default Windchill RV&S server home page by typing in http://servername:port/admin.html.
Once the web.xml file is modified, the following file is used as the new home page:
4. You can add any required customization to the index.html file as you would for a standard HTML file.
For links to files that reside on the Windchill RV&S server (such as client executables or documentation), the root directory is:
For example, adding a link to /documentation/Guide.pdf opens the Guide.pdf file if it exists in the installdir/data/documentation/ server directory.
To add links to any of the Web interfaces, you can copy the applicable JavaScript found in the default Windchill RV&S server home page.
5. Restart the Windchill RV&S server to have the changes take effect.