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Configuring Windchill RV&S Server Home Page
The Windchill RV&S server home page opens in a Web browser and provides links to client executable files, product documentation, and custom information. The home page is automatically generated using Java Server Pages (JSP).
This section provides details on how to:
display links to client install executables and product documentation
modify the default home page and set up required links
change the page that is loaded by default to allow for further customization
When copying from the DVD to the installdir/data/ directory, the original directory structure must be maintained. Once the copying is complete, confirm that all the directory names are correct. Provided the same directory structure is maintained, you can choose to copy only the installs and documents that you need. For example, for a Windows client download, the following directory structure would apply: data/installs/win32-ia32/mksclient.exe
Displaying Links
List of Client Installs
Modifying Default Home Page
Replacing the Home Page
List of Documentation