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Customizing Electronic Signature Trigger
A pre-created script (signatureRequired.js) is provided for the electronic signature event trigger. You may need to modify this script to use some advanced features of electronic signatures. The script is broken into separate functions that you can modify. Full documentation is available in the comments for those functions.
The pre-created script does the following:
Requires a signature when an item is modified in a way that matches the trigger rule. You can restrict your signature requirements further through the isSigningRequired method.
If the signature is valid, stores the signature information in the item history. You can set up additional logging using the signatureSuccess method.
Allows all authenticated users to sign an item modification. You can restrict the users allowed to sign for an item modification using the signerRestriction method.
Logs any signature failures. You can change what happens when an invalid signature is used, for example, sending an e-mail to an administrator. Use the signatureFailed method.
Displays a message if no signature is provided. You can customize the message by changing the string used by the setSignatureRequired method.
Displays a message if an invalid signature is provided. You can customize the message by changing the string used by the setRetrySignatureRequired method.
Specific methods are available on the imIssueDeltaBean for signature authentication. For details on these methods, refer to the installed Javadocs under:
However, you should not have to change any of the calls to these methods.