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Setting Up and Customizing Electronic Signatures
Electronic signatures are required by certain regulatory bodies to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and, when appropriate, the confidentiality of electronic records. Electronic signature support is provided for Windchill RV&S items by allowing you to require users to specify a user name and password when making certain changes to an item. For example, you could require a user to provide an electronic signature when they change an item’s state to Completed.
If a batch edit causes an item change that requires an electronic signature, the batch edit fails.
Electronic signatures are set up using event triggers for workflows and documents. The electronic signature trigger must be set up as a rule-based pre-event trigger. When a change to an item matches the rule, the user must enter user name, password, and any comments in the Signature Required dialog box. The server validates the user’s signature and records it in the item’s delta.
If a scheduled trigger or a change to a relationship field in a related item causes an item change that would normally require an electronic signature, the signature requirement is bypassed.
Customizing Electronic Signature Trigger