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Rolling Back Windchill RV&S Agent Service Packs
Windchill RV&S provides a way to roll back (undo) changes applied by a service pack that has been applied to a Windchill RV&S Agent.
The following are key considerations when performing a service pack rollback:
You can only roll back the most recently applied service pack using this documentation.
If applying a service pack fails, do not attempt to roll back. Contact PTC Technical Support for assistance.
The rollback restores the Windchill RV&S Agent settings to the state they were in at the time the service pack was applied. That means that properties and policies are rolled back, causing changes to lines to be lost. However, changes from lines added or deleted by you (the Administrator) are retained.
Use the XMLParserClient.log to obtain the values for properties and policies for lines that have changed, and then manually make the changes after the service pack rollback.
If you have made changes to the data in your database after the service pack was applied, contact PTC Technical Support for information before attempting a rollback.
Report the problem that led to the rollback decision to PTC Technical Support at the following location:
What You Need
The rollback uses a rollback zip archive to perform the changes. Ensure the archive exists before attempting to perform the rollback. The archive is located in the following location:
install directory/server/mks/patchagent/
servicepackrollbackService Pack
where is the location you installed the Windchill RV&S server, and Service Pack ID is the ID for the service pack you are rolling back, for example
To roll back a Windchill RV&S Agent service pack