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To migrate to encrypted passwords on the Windchill RV&S Agent
1. Stop Windchill RV&S Agent on the applicable remote machines.
2. From the installdir/bin directory, run the following command:
In interactive mode, the following options display:
1) Encrypt the existing passwords
2) Change the encrypted passwords
3) Exit
3. To start the encryption process, enter 1. A message displays to indicate that encrypted passwords will be configured. Any conversion back to a plain text password system must be configured manually. For more information on reverting to plain text Windchill RV&S Agent passwords, see “Reverting to Plain Text Windchill RV&S Agent Passwords”.
4. To proceed with the encryption, enter y. The application runs and encrypts the Windchill RV&S Agent passwords.
Once the application has completed, a confirmation message displays. If this is the first time you have run the encryptPassword application, the file is stamped with the following flag:
5. Restart Windchill RV&S Agent.
After running this application, the encryption.jceks keystore is created automatically in the installdir\data\security\store\ directory. Similarly, the keystore password file secret.key is added to the installdir\data\security\key\ directory. Ensure that this key is manually secured.