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Windchill RV&S Agent Security
The Windchill RV&S Agent provides a number of different security features to help you keep your system safe and secure.
The security environment for the Windchill RV&S Agent has a server-based security scheme for authenticating users and authorizing access based on permissions.
A security scheme includes two elements:
security realm
transport protocol
The security realm is the repository where user accounts are stored. The following types of realms are supported:
OpenLDAP server
Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS)
Netscape Directory Server
RFC 2307-based schemas on all supported servers
Novell Directory Services
Flat File
OpenLDAP, Netscape, RFC 2307, and Novell security realms are all defined as ldap security realms in the pre configured security scheme definitions in the file.
The transport protocol is the protocol used for sending passwords and data over a connection. It can be one of the following:
send over a clear connection (clear in
encrypt passwords and data before sending (private in
Each security realm uses a single authentication domain. The authentication domain is the mechanism used to confirm your credentials. The following authentication domains are supported:
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
Flat File
Security schemes are defined in:
where installdir is the path to the directory where you installed the Windchill RV&S Agent.
Security schemes based on the supported realms are pre configured in the file. If you have special security scheme requirements, contact PTC Technical Support at the following location:
To set up security
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