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Pending Operations in Change Packages
Pending operations are operations whose proposed changes reside on the server, but have not been committed to the repository.
The changes are committed to the repository once the change package is accepted upon review. Pending operations can create pending revisions, members, and subprojects.
Pending revisions are not currently created for subproject operations.
When reviews are not mandatory, pending entries are created when the changes are not successfully committed to the repository. Windchill RV&S moves the change package to the CommitFailed state. For more information, see Change Package Review Workflow.
Pending operations cannot be reverted, but must be discarded from the associated change package. . For more information, see Pending Operations in Change Packages.
A pending member / subproject, is a member or subproject that is associated with a pending operation that adds it to the project. The pending member or subproject is denoted by a pending icon in the Name column of the Sandbox and Project views.