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Discarding Change Packages
si discardcp
Windchill RV&S provides a way to remove change packages from active use by discarding them when they are not needed.
Select the change package you want to edit and select Change Package > Discard.
Display the change package you want to discard in the Change Package view. Select Actions > Discard Change Package.
To discard a change package, that change package must be both created by you and not contain any committed entries. However, a change package administrator may discard a change package created by another user.
You can remove specific change package entries if required using the discard change package entries command.
When a change package is discarded, the following happens where applicable:
All uncommitted entries are removed from the change package.
All deferred operations corresponding to deferred entries are reverted.
Locks on members corresponding to lock entries are released.
All pending operations corresponding to pending entries are reverted and appear as discarded entries in the review log (to preserve the review history).
All pending revisions that correspond to pending entries are deleted.
Any archives created for pending members associated with pending entries in the change package are deleted from the server (pre-existing archives that were shared to create a pending member are not deleted).
Key Considerations
The change package ID for the discarded change package can never be used for any future change packages that are created.
Discarded change packages can still be viewed using Change Package > Find and filtering by the Committed or Pending category.
If the change package has undergone a review, the review log persists.
You can open and reuse discarded change packages.
If case of any issue with the server while discarding the change package:
The change package is moved to Discard Failed or Discarding Entries state.
The Discard Failed state indicates database network failure while discarding the change package.
The Discarding Entries state indicates broken server connectivity while the discard of change package entries is in progress.
The pending entries in such a change package are moved to (Discarding) <Action> state, where <Action> indicates Pending Add, Add, or other actions.
You can then reattempt discarding such a change package that is in the Discard Failed or Discarding Entries state.
Resync, Apply, Submit, Open, or Close actions are not allowed for change packages that are in partially discarded state (Discard Failed or Discarding Entries state).
The following figure indicates workflow of change package in a partially discarded state.