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Change Package Related Permissions
Change package related permissions in the mks:si ACL define and restrict the ways users access configuration management change packages.
Bypass Change Packages Mandatory policy and permit user to perform configuration management operations without change packages.
This permission is not intended to be part of a user’s regular development process, and may create confusion for a novice user. Even when a user has this permission, an error message displays if no change package is selected. Inform users that during an operation, bypass must be selected from the list of change packages.
Edit, discard, close, and submit change packages as well as move or discard change package entries regardless of any documented user restrictions.
If using configuration management only, create change packages.
If the integration with workflows and documents, and configuration management is enabled, create change packages based on Change Package Creation Policy for type to create change packages for.
Discard or close empty change packages created by other users.
Must be licensed for Deploy.
In Integrity 10.8 and later, the Staging and Deploy functionality is no longer supported.
Accept change packages under review created by that user.
Accept or reject change package under review regardless of reviewer rules.
Supersedes SelfReview permission.