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Managing ACL Permissions
Permissions are a collection of pre-defined functionality and operations that can be assigned to users granting access to certain workflow and document, and configuration management tasks. The set of assigned permissions determines each user’s access to the available functionality. If a user is not granted the permission, they are not able to complete the task.
If you need to define new groups to reflect a changing business organization, Windchill RV&S provides functionality for managing permissions, including new ACL entries, changing permissions, and viewing groups. Once you modify or create the necessary ACLs, the information is dynamically loaded by the Windchill RV&S server. You do not have to restart the server.
Adding a New Principal and ACL Entry
Changing Permissions
Available Permissions
Workflow and Document Permissions
Configuration Management Permissions
Server Related Permissions
Project-Related Permissions
Member Related Permissions
Change Package Related Permissions
ViewSet Permissions
Required Permissions