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integrity editmksdomainuser
edits an MKS Domain user
integrity editmksdomainuser [--email=value] [--fullName=value] [--userPassword=value] [--hostname=server] [--port=number] [--password=password] [--user=name] [(-?|--usage)] [(-N|--no)] [(-Y|--yes)] [--[no]batch] [--cwd=directory] [--forceConfirm=[yes|no]] [(-Ffile|--selectionFile=file)] [(-g|--gui)] [--quiet] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--status=[none|gui|default]] user...
integrity editmksdomainuser edits the details of a user in the MKS Domain. For example:
integrity editmksdomainuser jriley
specifies an e-mail address for jriley.
This command takes the universal options available to all integrity commands, as well as some general options. See the options reference page for descriptions.
specifies a new e-mail address for the user.
specifies a new name for the user.
specifies a new password for the edited user.
specifies the login ID of the user you are editing.
See the diagnostics reference page for possible exit status values.
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