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Overview of File Vaulting
File vaulting enables you to store data as files on the file system instead of in a database. The Configuration Management file vault stores Windchill RV&S revision data to a logical container called a vault. The vault is directly mapped to a file system available from the Windchill RV&S server.
You can configure and enable Configuration Management file vault to upload all new, eligible revisions for all or select configuration management projects. Eligible file vault data includes:
revisions of binary archives
revisions of text archives whose archive storage format is set to store by reference
For more information on the store text by reference archive format, including details on the maximum size for text revisions and working files, see the topic “General Policy Options”.
Existing revision data is not automatically added to the Configuration Management file vault. For more information on migrating existing revision data, see Migrating Existing Revisions to the File Vault.
Key Considerations for File Vaulting