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File Vault Migration Logging
The DB_to_FileVault_Migration.log file includes information about the number of revisions that were successfully migrated, as well as revisions that were skipped or were not migrated.
The following columns of information are captured in this log file:
Timestamp: The date and time when each revision in the archive is processed and migrated. Each migrated revision is listed on a separate line under the migration summary of the archive itself.
ArchivePath: The canonical path of the archive that was migrated.
Revision: The archive revision. For example, Revision: 1.15.
Status: Revision status. Can be one of: SUCCESS, FAILED, or PARTIAL.
If a revision is skipped during migration, one of the following status comments is logged: Before timestamp filter Criteria not met or Already Migrated.
If an archive is skipped during migration, the following comment is logged: Project is not eligible for migration.
If some revisions are skipped or fail migration, then the partially migrated archive is logged. For example:
2015-07-10 21:44:23.822, ArchivePath:/defectMigrate/demo.txt,Status:PARTIAL,
Comment:Archive is not completely migrated due to issue encountered during
migration of some revisions
If a revision fails migration, one of the following reasons is logged:
Failure due to an exception. For example:
2015-07-10 02:25:59.713,ArchivePath:/defectMigrate/1KB_9.txt,
(The system cannot find the file specified)
Failure due to a checksum mismatch. For example:
2015-07-10 20:38:52.656,
Revision:1.2,Status:FAILED,Comment:Failed to migrate due to
Checksum mismatch, computed checksum of 29837 does not match the
stored checksum of -2392966040148960768.
Please refer to file 'D:\FILE_VAULT_DEFAULT\4\4473\1920_checksumfailed'
for further investigation or contact PTC - Integrity Support
Each failed file migration is stored in the file vault location, and its filename is appended with _checksumfailed. The original file remains in the database. The appended file in the file vault can be used for further investigation, and can then be deleted.
If the file vault migration fails for any reason, the revisions are available in the database.