Getting Started > Grouping Tasks by Role in ViewSets > Customizing a ViewSet > ViewSet Attributes > To configure attributes of a ViewSet
To configure attributes of a ViewSet
1. From the Customize <name> ViewSet dialog box, click the Attributes tab. The Attributes panel displays.
2. Modify the following attributes as desired:
Name specifies a name for the ViewSet. ViewSet names are not required to be unique. Windchill RV&S tracks the ViewSet independently of the name you assign it.
Description specifies an optional description of the ViewSet. If the ViewSet is intended for other users, enter a description for the ViewSet to inform users why and how they should use the ViewSet.
File displays the location and name of the ViewSet source file.
If you are an administrator using the Windchill RV&S administration client, the following additional selections are available:
Optional specifies that the ViewSet is optional to users. Users who have permission to import the ViewSet may do so at their discretion, but are not required to do so. When importing ViewSets, users can see if a change to this ViewSet is made and then can choose to import the updated ViewSet.
Mandatory specifies that the ViewSet is mandatory to users. Users do not have a choice on if the ViewSet is imported. Instead, the ViewSet is automatically downloaded and installed for the user when the Windchill RV&S client connects to the Windchill RV&S administration client.