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Customizing a ViewSet
To perform Windchill RV&S operations, you must add action groups and actions to the active ViewSet. Action groups are typically menus that appear in the menu bar and actions are commands grouped under an action group that you invoke using a menu item, toolbar button, shortcut key; or mouse gesture such as right-clicking or the drag-and-drop method. If you enable an action, you must display its action group; the corresponding toolbar button is optional.
Because ViewSets are highly customizable, all GUI procedures in this guide assume all views are docked and all actions are enabled.
Key Considerations
When customizing an imported ViewSet (one you did not create) some actions or action groups may not be available to you in the ViewSet. For example, you may only be able to select the option for Switch ViewSets Toolbar.
The administrator who created the ViewSet has the ability to make actions (commands, views, and other ViewSet elements) unavailable to that ViewSet. Those actions do not appear as options when customizing the ViewSet.
To customize a ViewSet in the GUI
ViewSet Actions (Menus)
ViewSet Toolbars
ViewSet Views (Docking Location)
ViewSet Attributes