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To cut and paste a Test Step
The cut and paste function allows you to move a selected Test Step to a different location in an existing list of Test Steps.
1. From the Document view, select a Test Case item and in the embedded Edit Item Details view, click the Test Steps tab.
2. Select the individual Test Step you want to cut (move).
You cannot cut or paste a new row, or perform a cut operation if the new row is part of the selection. In addition, you cannot cut or paste across fields. When selecting a Test Step to cut, make sure that you click a non-editable field in the row, such as Order or ID.
3. Do one of the following:
Click Cut Button.
Press CTRL+X.
Right-click and choose Cut.
The selected Test Step is marked with a red outline.
4. To paste the Test Step, highlight the new location in the list and do one of the following:
Click Paste Button.
Press CTRL+V.
If you highlight an existing Test Step in the list, the previously-selected Test Step is moved immediately below that Test Step. If you highlight the new (empty) row in the list, the Test Step is moved above the new row.