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To create a new Test Step
1. From the Document view, select a Test Case item and in the embedded Edit Item Details view, click the Test Steps tab.
To enable inline editing of Test Steps, select View > Options. In the Options dialog box under Item Preview, choose Editable. After selecting Editable, you can then select the option for Enable inline editing for relationship field items.
The table displays a new empty row for the initial Test Step item.
2. To create the new Test Step item, you can edit the new row and add your changes directly inline. By default, each new row displays at the bottom of the table.
3. In the editable Test Steps table, you can create additional steps for a Test Case using one of the following methods:
Click Insert Button to insert a new Test Step.
Press the INSERT key.
Click the next row in the embedded table and begin a new edit.
Right-click and choose Create Inline.
As each new Test Step is created, a new empty row is inserted at the bottom of the table. The new row is not converted into a Windchill RV&S item until you save your modifications to that row.
To create a related item, you can also right-click and choose Create Related Item. If your workflow allows only one item type when creating related items in a relationship field, Windchill RV&S pre-selects that item type when you choose Create Related Item.
4. To save the created Test Steps, click Save Button or press CTRL+ALT+S.
If the embedded table does not display a column for a mandatory field, an error message displays and prompts you to add the mandatory information for the field(s). The Create Test Step dialog box displays and you must add the mandatory information in the required fields.