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Retargeting a Sandbox
si retargetsandbox
If you need to change the project configuration that a Sandbox points to, you can retarget the Sandbox. For example, a developer can change a variant Sandbox to point to a different variant project, or a buildmaster can change a build Sandbox to point to a different build. You can also change the type of project that the Sandbox points to; for example, you can change a normal Sandbox to point to a variant project.
You do not use the Retarget Sandbox command in the GUI to change the project or server for a Sandbox, or to change the location of a Sandbox on the client. To change the project for a Sandbox, you must drop the Sandbox and then create it again with the new project in context. In the CLI, you can use the si retargetsandbox command to specify a different Windchill RV&S server for a Sandbox and the si movesandbox command to change the location of a Sandbox on the client.
To retarget a Sandbox, select a top-level Sandbox and click Sandbox > Retarget, then select the project configuration that you want to point the Sandbox to.
Deactivated development paths are not shown in the Development Path Name list.
Key Considerations
You can only retarget top-level Sandboxes.
You can only retarget to another type of the same project that the Sandbox is currently pointing to.
You can specify a date-based project configuration by using the As Of option to select the project configuration as of a specific date. When a selection is made, the Project Branch option is also available to specify a Branch ID value. For more information, see Working With Date-Based Project Configurations.