User Help > Grouping Files Under Version Control > Creating a Configuration Management Subproject > Create Subproject Options
Create Subproject Options
Create one subproject per directory, as required
Creates one subproject for each directory encountered when creating the subproject.
If the project already exists, add it
Adds an existing subproject to the project. This can be useful if the existing subproject had been dropped from a project.
Project Name
Specifies a name for the subproject, for example, applications.pj. Using the project.pj default name is recommended.
Create subproject even if it exists on different devpath
When this option is selected, a subproject is created without any confirmation from the user even if a subproject with the same name exists in mainline or another development path. When this option is not selected, the user is prompted to confirm the creation of subprojects with the same name across development paths.
This option can also be selected from File > Preferences > Configuration Management > Commands > Create Subprojects.
Close Change Package
Closes the associated change package after the operation is complete.