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Creating a Configuration Management Subproject
si createsubproject
Windchill RV&S allows you to create large configuration management projects composed of smaller component projects. These smaller projects are known as subprojects. Subprojects behave in the same way as projects and can be accessed with most project and Sandbox commands.
For example, you could have subprojects for the following types of components:
source files for creating individual executables
source files for common libraries
HTML files
graphic files
Each component usually has several related files. Each component can be kept in its own project. If you have two or more products that share these common components, you can create a separate master project for each product and include the projects for the common components as subprojects of each appropriate master project.
Subprojects are not the same as project members. You can only perform project-level operations on subprojects.
You create a new subproject, then add members and configure the subproject as necessary. For example, if you had a financial toolkit application that you wanted to add a new calculator application to, you would create a new subproject in the toolkit project to contain the calculator application source code.
To create a subproject in the GUI, select the project or Sandbox to create a subproject in, and select Project > Subproject > Create.
To maintain project integrity, the command may create empty subprojects as needed (that are visible when viewing the project revision history).
Create Subproject Options