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Member History View Default Columns
In the GUI, the Memory History view displays the member’s path and name in the first table row when viewing the history from a sandbox. For example, you would see something similar to c:/sandboxdemo/demoap.c.
The Checkpoint Label(s) column is not displayed in the GUI by default. The column displays labels of checkpoints in which the selected revision participated. However, only the first three revisions are displayed in the field.
To see the Checkpoint Label(s) column in the Web interface, your administrator must first configure the server. If you require the column, contact your administrator.
Revision displays the following information:
revision that the working file corresponds to, indicated by a white document icon
member’s revision, indicated by a blue striped document icon
list of the revisions in the member history, for example, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on
User who checked in the revision.
Date and timestamp of the revision. Date and timestamp can be either the checkin time and date or the date and time the file was last modified, depending on how the user checks in the file.
Users who have a lock on the revision. The padlock icon indicates the type of lock and any potential conflicts with other lockers.
If there are multiple lockers, your lock is listed first, followed by the locker who has an exclusive lock (if any), followed by any lockers with non-exclusive locks.
If there are multiple lockers, click the field to display a drop-down list of lockers.
Revision Labels
Labels attached to the revision, for example, Draft1. This displays in the GUI only.
Revision’s state, for example, Beta. This displays in the GUI only. States are defined by your administrator.
Displays the revision’s associated change package ID, for example, 8230:3.
Windchill RV&S displays a lock change package ID (a change package assigned during a checkout) in priority over the member revision change package ID (the change package assigned during a checkin).
Revision Description
Comments that were assigned to the revision when it was checked in. This displays in the GUI only.