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Viewing a Member History
si viewhistory
Windchill RV&S maintains detailed information about each revision in the member history. In the GUI, revision information displays in the Member History view.
Select Member > Views > View History
Select Member > View Member History
You can also view and modify revision information through the Revision Information view.
Windchill RV&S maintains an archive of all the changes made to a member since it was put under revision control.
An archive is a file containing the history of a member (a record of all the changes made to it since it was put under revision control). From the information contained in the history, Windchill RV&S can reconstruct any previous version of the member.
Windchill RV&S maintains historical information called archive information. This information includes revision labels, users who have locks on revisions in the archive, the starting point of the default branch revision, the data type (text or binary), whether the archive is compressed, whether exclusive locking applies to the archive, and a description of the archive.
You can view and modify archive information through the Archive Information view.
Working With the Member History View
Member History View Default Columns