User Help > Managing Source Files as Members > Dropping Members From a Project > To drop a member in the GUI
To drop a member in the GUI
1. Select one or more members to remove.
2. Select Member > Drop. The Drop Member dialog box displays.
3. Under Change Package, select a change package, if applicable, or create a change package to link to.
4. To modify the Drop Member options, click Options.
Once a member is dropped from a project, the change is not immediately reflected in other Sandboxes. Other users must resynchronize their Sandboxes.
5. To drop the selected member, click OK. To drop multiple members, click OK to All. If you selected the Confirm Drop option, the Confirm Drop dialog box displays.
6. To drop the selected member(s), click Yes. The project or Sandbox is updated to reflect the removed member, and the member is removed from the project.