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Dropping Members From a Project
si drop
If a member has outlived its usefulness or does not belong in a project anymore, you can remove it at any time.
In the GUI, you can remove a member through a Sandbox view or through a Project view.
In the Web interface, because Sandboxes do not exist, you can remove members through the Project view only.
After you remove a member from a project, the member is no longer listed as part of the Sandbox or master project, but the member’s history remains in the project record, in case you need to recreate an earlier version of the project.
A former member is one that is dropped from the project, but still has a working file in the Sandbox. Windchill RV&S retains the member history for former members as part of the project. Depending on the options you select when dropping the member, Windchill RV&S can also delete the member’s working file and close any associated change package.
You cannot check in a member that is associated with a deferred drop operation.
To drop a member in the GUI
To drop a member in the Web interface
Drop Member Options (GUI)
Drop Member Options (Web)