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Working With Rich Content Fields
Rich content enhances the information in long text fields by allowing you to add formatted text, lists, tables, symbols, background colors, images, and hyperlinks (to images, websites, and items). You can also improve the organization and navigation of large documents by inserting bookmarks in rich content fields and cross-references to those bookmarks.
Your administrator enables rich content in long text fields and can define Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to ensure a consistent look when viewing and printing rich content field information in different Web browsers.
From the CLI and API, rich content is expressed using a limited set of HTML elements and attributes. In the GUI and Web interface, rich content is added using toolbar buttons.
You can insert rich content from a local source (attachments in the item or your local machine), copy and paste rich content from an external source (such as a website), or import rich content from an external document (such as Microsoft Word).
In the GUI, the rich content toolbar buttons must be enabled in the active ViewSet. Once enabled, rich content functionality displays in the toolbar buttons when you select a rich content field while creating, editing, or copying an item.
In the Web interface, rich content functionality is available as a toolbar and does not need to be enabled. When you create, edit, or copy an item, selecting a rich content field displays all rich content functionality in a rich content toolbar.