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Creating an Item
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You create an item by providing item data. You can also link the item you are creating to another item or add an attachment to it.
By default, fields that you can modify display on the following three tabbed panels: Fields, Relationships, and Attachments. However, depending on how your administrator has defined the item type, these tabs might have different names or may not display. Your administrator may also define additional custom tabs to display fields, attachments, and relationships.
Before you create an item, ensure that you have the permissions to create the item type and fill out the relevant fields.
If there are no item types to select or if you can select an item type but not create it, contact your administrator. The item may contain a custom field defined to be both mandatory and invisible for this item type.
Key Considerations
If your administrator has set up electronic signatures, you may need to provide your user name and password when creating an item.
If you are a member of a static group or a dynamic group, you can create an item depending on the permissions assigned to you. For more information on permissions, see To create a workflow in the GUI and Setting Workflow and Document Project Visibility.
Relevance and editability rules are evaluated based on the Windchill RV&S client’s time zone.
For detailed information on working with the different types of fields that may appear in an item, see Working With Field Types.
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