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Creating a Time Entry
im settimeentries
Once an item has been created, you can record time spent working on the item by creating a time entry. A time entry records the duration of time spent working on the item in hours for a specific day. You can also include any relevant notes about the time spent working on the item, for example, designed regression test.
An item does not have to be assigned to you in order to create a time entry; however, you must have visibility to the item.
If the TimeTrackingAdmin permission is assigned to you, you can also create time entries for other users in the Time Entries view. This is useful if your organization has a designated role for recording employee work hours.
Your administrator configures which types and states allow time entries.
Chad is assigned to a new Feature item for an ABC Financial client. For billing purposes, the project manager wants Chad to log the amount of time spent working on the item. After each day spent working on the item, Chad opens the Feature item for editing and logs the amount of time in hours.
To create a time entry
Select User Dialog Box